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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication, A.A.

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Increasing the quality of personal and professional lives in today’s society is largely dependent on communication skills and abilities. The Communication program at Western Wyoming Community College will teach students how to effectively communicate with diverse groups and individuals using a variety of methods and approaches. Students will learn the theoretical and practical perspectives of communication that are necessary and vital skills to be successful in today’s diverse society. Coursework includes written, oral and public speaking, persuasion and debate skills, interpersonal communication, listening, conflict management, mass media, issues of gender and culture in communication, intercultural communication, public relations, and more. The faculty also helps students gain experience in group project work, critically analyzing speeches and self-evaluating individual presentations and organization. Overall, this program teaches students vital skills in teamwork, problem solving, leadership, relationship building, along with creating personal growth. Students may receive an Associate of Arts in Communication that will prepare them for entry-level employment in fields such as education, research, public relations, advertising, mediation, consulting, law, counseling, journalism, human resources, writing, and grant writing. This degree will also transfer to 4-year colleges and universities where a Bachelor’s in Communication degree can be the springboard to the variety of occupations listed above - and more! This degree can be taken online only, face-to-face only, or a combination of both.

Degree Requirements

Subtotal: 17

Freshman Year - Fall Semester Notes:

  • In addition to ENGL 1010 , students may be required to also take ENGL 1011  (2 credits) due to placement, adding 2 additional credits to their graduation total.
  • MATH 1000  or higher.
  • COMM 1000  or COMM 1040 : Choices for this course option are subject to availability each semester (see Dept. for rotation).
  • SPAN 1010  or transfer Foreign Language/CLEP.

Freshman Year - Spring Semester

Subtotal: 15-16

Freshman Year - Spring Semester Notes:

  • US & Wyoming Constitution can be fulfilled by HIST 1211 , HIST 1221 , HIST 1251 , or POLS 1000 .
  • Elective courses: Options include 1-2cr of courses with prefix of CMAP, HMDV, or MUSC.
  • Health & Human Activity: This requirement can be filled with courses from the prefix of PEAC, PEAT, or HLED.
  • SPAN 1020  or transfer Foreign Language/CLEP.
  • ENGL 1020 : or ENGL 2005 , or ENGL 2019 .

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

Subtotal: 16

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester Notes:

  • Statistics (or Career Course): One of the STAT courses listed if transferring to a 4-year institution, or any Career Course listed below.
  • Psychology Elective: Choose from PSYC 1000 , PSYC 2210 , PSYC 2250 , PSYC 2500, or transfer PSYC.
  • Career Course: Only courses with a prefix of ACCT, ANTH, BADM, BOTK, COMM (not yet taken), ECON, FIN 1000 , GEOG, HUMN, MGT, PHIL, PSYC, MKT, or SOC.

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

Subtotal: 16

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester Notes:

Subtotal: 65-72

Total Credit Hours: 64

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