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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2022-2023 Faculty and Administration

Digital Content Specialist
A.A. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - University of Wyoming

Instructor of Electrical & Instrumentation Technology
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College

Associate Vice President of Human Resources
B.B.A. - University of Memphis

Instructor of Nursing
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
M.S.N. - Grand Canyon University

ALLEN, Jennifer
Associate Professor of Business Information Systems/ Computer Science
A.A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S./M.S. - University of Wyoming

ANDERSON, Terry (Bruce)
Associate Professor of Political Science
B.A./M.A. - Utah State University

BAKER, Deborah
Associate Vice President of Finance and Controller
B.A./M.B.A. - University of Colorado, Boulder

BATES, Russell
Systems Analyst
B.S. - Fort Hays State University

BROWN, Heidi
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Chair, School of Health Sciences & Wellness
Nursing Program Director
B.S.N./M.S. - University of Wyoming

Professor of Composition
B.S. - Emporia State University
M.A. - Kansas State University
M.F.A. - Texas State University

Reference and Instruction Librarian
B.S. - University of Nebraska, Kearney
M.L.S. - University of North Texas

Instructor of Powerline Technology

CAPORALE, Clemencia
Assistant Professor of Outdoor Recreation
B.S. - University of New Hampshire
M.S. - Lesley University

Assistant Professor of History
A.A. - Salt Lake City Community College
B.A/M.A. - University of Utah
Ph.D. - University of North Texas

Head Wrestling Coach
B.A. - Dana College
M.A. - Concordia University

Project Manager
A.S. - Snow College
B.S. - Southern Utah University
M.P.A. - University of Wyoming

A.A. - Western Wyoming Community College

Instructor of Nursing
A.D.N. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S.N. - University of Wyoming

Assistant Professor of Biology & Physiology
A.S. - Casper College (2 total)
B.S. - University of Wyoming
M.A. - University of North Texas

CLARK, Kristine
Professor of Exercise Science
B.S./M.S. - Utah State University
M.S. - Eastern Michigan University

Dean of Students
A.A. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.A. - Chadron State College
M.A. - University of Wyoming
Ed.D. - Capella University

CORHN, Sarah
Instructor of Nursing
A.D.N. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S.N./M.S.N. - Western Governors University

CRAMER, Stephen
Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre
B.A. - Shippensburg University
M.F.A. - Kent State University

DALE, Kim Kuster
B.S. - Metropolitan State University of Denver
M.S. - University of Colorado, Denver
Ph.D. - Colorado State University

DANIEL, Jeannette
Associate Professor of Nursing
A.A. - Laramie County Community College
B.S.N./M.S. - University of Wyoming

DeLORA, Eric-Richard
Professor of Musical Theater
B.S. - Eastern Oregon University (2 total)
M.F.A. - University of Iowa

DeWICK, Carlton
Assistant Professor of Industrial Maintenance
Chair, School of Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

DEVER, Christopher
Director of Facilities
Master Plumbing Contractor
A.A.S. - Utah Valley University
B.S. - Brigham Young University

Coordinator of Evanston Campus
B.S. - Southwest Texas State University

FETZ, Bart
Instructor of Ceramics/3D Design
A.A. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.F.A. - University of Wyoming
M.F.A. - University of North Texas

Professor of Business
B.S. - California State University, Fresno
M.S. - San Diego State University

Financial Aid Advisor
B.A. - State University of New York at Buffalo
M.S./M.A. - State University of New York at Binghamton

FRY, Eric
Dean of Enrollment Management
B.A./M.Ed. - University of Montevallo

Director of Wellbeing and Accessibility
B.S./M.S. - University of Wyoming

GARD, Beth
Instructor of Business
Chair, School of Business & Computer Technology
B.S. - Utah State University
M.B.A. - Western Governors University

GARNER, Deanne
Assistant Professor of Nursing
A.S./A.D.N. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S.N./M.S. - University of Wyoming

GITCHEL, Kristen
Athletic Trainer/Games Management
A.S. - Central Wyoming College
B.S. - Colorado Mesa University

GOFF, Randal
Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.S. - California State University, Long Beach
Ph.D. - Brigham Young University

GRANT, Joshua
Assistant Professor of Composition
B.A. - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.A. - Simmons College

GRIFFIN, Jennifer
ERP & Information Systems Administrator
A.A. - Northwest College

Professor of Spanish and Social Work
M.A. - Purdue University
B.A./Ph.D. - University of Nebraska

Aquatics Center Manager
A.S. - Casper College
B.S. - University of Wyoming
M.S. - United States Sports Academy

HARWOOD, Jonathan
Associate Librarian
B.A./M.A. - University of North Carolina, Charlotte
M.L.I.S. - University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Building Operating Systems Specialist
Wyoming Journey Electrical License
A.A. - Western Wyoming Community College

HENLEY, Matthew
Instructor of Commercial Driver’s License
CDL Class A+ Endorsements

HEU, Meng James
Director of Financial Aid
B.A. - University of Wisconsin, Madison
M.S. - Capella University

HOLMES, Joshua
Assistant Professor of Microbiology
B.S. - Utah Valley University
Ph.D. - University of Wyoming

Maintenance Supervisor

Assistant Professor of Communications
B.S. - Texas A&M University
M.A./Ph.D. - University of Florida

IRIKI, Steven
Assistant Professor of Business
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
M.B.A. - University of Texas, Permian Basin
B.A./J.D. - University of California, Berkeley

Instructor of Automotive Technology

Instructor of Plant Operations
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - University of Utah

Associate Professor of Education
Chair, School of Liberal Arts & Education
M.S. - Walden University
B.S./Ph.D. - University of Wyoming

JENSEN, Cassandra
Data Analyst
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - Utah State University

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S. - Northern Arizona University
M.S. - University of Wyoming

JURNEY, William
Assistant Professor of Physiology
B.S./Ph.D. - University of Minnesota

KAUPPI, Kristy
Human Resources Generalist
B.S. - Westminster College
M.B.A. - University of Wyoming

KOFOED, Sylene (Kit)
Technical Support Manager
B.S. - University of Wyoming

Assistant Professor of Education
B.A. - University of Oregon
M.Ed. - University of Houston
M.S. - California State University, East Bay
Ed.D. - University of North Texas

LAMB, Liane
Director of College and Career Readiness
B.S. - Butler University
M.S. - University of Wyoming

LARSEN, Carrie
ERP & Information Systems Administrator
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College

LARSON, Margaret (Peggy)
Senior Student Success Advisor
B.A. - University of Montana

Associate Professor of Nursing
A.D.N. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S.N./M.S.N. - Western Governors University

LEE, Carla
Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S. - Idaho State University
M.S. - University of Wyoming

LEE, Leesa
Associate Professor of Business Information Systems
B.S./M.S. - University of Wyoming

LOVE, Lyndsey
Accessibility and Disability Specialist
B.S. - University of Wyoming

Professor of Developmental Studies
B.S. - University of Idaho
M.S./Ed.D. - University of Wyoming

MADDY, Christine
Professor of Education
A.S. - Casper College
B.A. - University of Wyoming
M.Ed. - Lesley University
Ed.D. - Walden University

Instructor of Welding Technology
A.A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College

MARCOS, Katrina
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
B.S./M.S. - Oklahoma State University

Instructor of Electrical & Instrumentation Technology
A.A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
Wyoming Low-Voltage Technician general license

MATHEWS, Elizabeth (Leisa)
Workforce Coordinator

McGREGOR, Robert
Instructional Technologist
B.A./M.A. - Saginaw Valley State University

MEDLER, Jessida
GEAR UP Assistant Director
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
M.A. - University of Wyoming

Assistant Registrar
B.A.S - Grand Canyon University

Assistant Professor of Art
B.F.A. - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
M.F.A. - Washington University in St. Louis

Dean of Outreach and Workforce Development
A.A. - Joliet Junior College
B.S. - Eastern Illinois University
M.S. - Southern Illinois University

MURRAY, Charles (Beau)
Instructor of Diesel Technology
B.S. - University of Wyoming

MURRY, Christopher
Director of Library Services
B.A. - Guilford College
M.A. - Duquesne University
M.L.I.S. - University of Pittsburgh

NEWBERG, Charles
Professor of Mathematics
B.S. - University of South Dakota
M.S. - University of Idaho

Systems Administrator
A.A. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.A. - University of Wyoming
M.S. - Utica College

Head Women’s Basketball Coach
A.D. - Northeastern Junior College
B.S. - University of Wyoming
M.A. - Ball State University

Instructor of Welding Technology

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Chair, School of Mathematics & Science
B.S./M.S. - Colorado State University

PETTY, Kenneth (Trey)
Systems Administrator
A.A./A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - New Mexico State University

Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness
B.S. - University of Utah
M.S. - University of Wyoming

Associate Professor of Composition
B.A. - Kent State University
M.A. - University of Dayton
Ph.D. - Bowling Green State University

PROPST, Christopher
Professor of English and ESOL
B.A. - The Colorado College
M.A. - Kansas State University
M.F.A. - Southwest Texas State University

Instructor of Business and Business Information Systems
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - University of Wyoming
M.B.A. - Walden University

A.A. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - Utah State University
M.S. - University of Wyoming

Children’s Center Director
A.A. - Snow College
B.A. - Utah State University
M.S. - University of Wyoming

Administrative Services Officer
A.A./A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - Regis University
E.M.B.A. - University of Wyoming

REMBACZ, Kimberly
Director of Student Marketing and Communications
B.S. - California State University, Fresno

Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness
B.S. - Southern Utah University
M.Ed. - University of Phoenix

REYES, Crystal
GEAR UP Programming Coordinator
B.S./M.P.A. - California State University, Bakersfield

REYNOLDS, William (Burt)
Vice President for Administrative Services
B.B.A. - University of Texas at San Antonio
M.B.A. - University of Phoenix

REZZONICO, Michelle (Chelley)
Coordinator of Housing and Student Life
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - University of Wyoming

RITTER, Zandra
Web Developer
B.S. - Illinois State University (2 total)

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
B.S. - University of Phoenix
M.S. - Capella University

Instructor of Nursing
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
A.A.S. - Central Wyoming College
B.S.N. - University of Wyoming

Director of Information Technology
B.S. - ITT Technical Institute
M.S. - Kaplan University

Senior Outreach Coordinator
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - University of Wyoming

Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Physics
B.A./M.A. - University of Montana

Professor of Mathematics
B.A. - Humboldt State University
M.A. - University of California, Santa Cruz
Ph.D. - Walden University

SOTO, Ruth (Fredann)
Head Volleyball Coach
A.A. - Western Wyoming Community College

SOZA, Steven
Coordinator of Basketball Operations, Men’s Head Basketball Coach
A.A. - Hutchinson Community College
B.S. - Oklahoma State University
M.Ed. - Northwestern Oklahoma State University

STEPHENS, Lyudmila (Lusi)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S./M.S. - Kharkiv G.S. Skovoroda National Pedagogical University

SWEET, Lawana (Lu)
Athletic Director, Women’s Soccer Coach
B.S. - Montana State University, Havre
M.S./Ed.D. - Montana State University, Bozeman

TALLON, Joseph
Instructor of Commercial Driver’s License
CDL Class A+ Endorsements

Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S. - California State University, Fresno
M.S./Ph.D. - University of California, Riverside

TATE, David
Development Officer
A.A. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - University of Mary
M.A. - Goucher College

Associate Professor of Nursing
B.S.N./M.S. - University of Wyoming

TUTTLE, Kaylee
Instructor of Mathematics
A.A./A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.A. - University of Wyoming
M.A. - Chadron State College

Associate Professor of Compression Technology
A.A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College (4 total)
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S.M.E. - University of Wyoming

WALTERS, Norman (Buckey)
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
A.S. - Community College of the Air Force (2 total)
B.S. - Weber State University
M.Ed. - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
M.S. - Troy State University

WATTS, Brooke
GEAR UP Director
A.A. - Brigham Young University, Idaho
B.S./M.H.E. - Idaho State University

WESTFALL, Richard (Shane)
Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.A. - Texas Tech University
M.A./Ph.D. - University of Nevada

Associate Professor of Nursing
B.S.N./M.S.N. - University of Wyoming

WILLIAMSON, Laverl (Zach)
Assistant Professor of Psychology
A.S. - Laramie County Community College
B.A./M.S. - University of Wyoming

Associate Professor of Industrial Maintenance
A.S. - Western Wyoming Community College
B.S. - Montana Tech-University of Montana

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
B.M. - Berklee College of Music
M.M. - New England Conservatory of Music
Ed.D. - Argosy University Twin Cities

YOUNG, Kristi
Instructor of College & Career Readiness
A.D. - Ricks College
B.S. - Brigham Young University
M.A. - University of Wyoming

ZUPPA, Michelle
Assistant Professor of English Composition
B.A. - Cornell University
M.A. - Bowling Green State University

Adjunct Faculty

ANDERSON, Meghan, Social Work

AUDETTE, Luke, Mathematics

BALASKOVITS, Alison, English

BEACHLER, Jennifer, Art

BETTINSON, Courtney, Nursing

BLAIR, Dustan, Psychology

BROWN, Kelley, Computer Applications

BYERS, Robert, Electrical

CASTILLO, Arthur, Physical Activity

CHAVEZ, Sarah, Criminal Justice

CLARK, Christopher, Physical Activity

CLARK, William, Biology

CORDOVA, Michelle, Nursing (CNA)

COURTS, Bari, Business Administration

COZZENS, Samuel, Chemistry

CROSS, Allyson, Computer Applications

CURRUTT, Heidi, Human Development

DAVIDSON, Cynthia, Economics

DEAN-ROGERS, Jessica, English

DOERR, Jason, Education

DONOUGH, Melissa, Phlebotomy/Allied Health

EDWARDS, Erin, Education

ELLIS, Brenden, Welding

EVANS, Susan, Accounting

FESSLER, Kimber, Education

FISCHER, Julie, Mathematics


FRIEDANK, Jaymie, Criminal Justice

FRIEL, Strat, Physical Activity

FUFAA, Gudeta, Statistics

GALLEY, Amy, Social Work

GAMBLE, Rhonda, Human Development

GLESSNER, Andrea, History

GOFF, Logan, Mathematics

GOTFREDSON, Julia, Welding

GRATZ, Gary, Music

GROSSNICKLE, John, Criminal Justice

GUTIERREZ, David, English

HAFNER, Cynthia, Physical Activity

HAMILTON, Zachary, Mathematics

HARDER, Philip, Mathematics

HARSHMAN, Jennifer, Health Science

HARTFORD, Nicole, English

HARTON, Dorothy, Physical Activity

HAWKS, Guy, Mathematics

HAWS, Kimberly, Health Science

HEDGER, Eva, English

HENSLEY, Rodney, Industrial Maintenance

HORAN, James, Electrical Apprenticeship

HUCK, David, Finance/Economics

HUEBNER, MaryAnn, Management

JAMES, Barbara, Nursing

JOHNSON, Paul, Industrial Maintenance

JOHNSON, Stephanie, Government, History

KAUPPI, Kristy, Decision Science

KETELSEN, Henry, Photography

KING, Elizabeth, Geology

KLATKA, Teresa, Psychology

LANGE, April, English

LASLEY, Annetta, English

LEGERSKI, Anthony, American Sign Language

LEWIS, Miles, History

MANIK, Richard, Music

MATHEWS, Miles, Government, History

MAYER, Daniel, Psychology

MAYER, Rebecca, Dance

McCLURE, Molly, Human Development

McCONNELL, Michele, Music

MELSON, Curtis, Mathematics

MELTON, Jeffery, Communications

METZ, David, Mathematics

MILLS, Brandale, Communications

MONZON, Jaqueline, Human Development

MOORE, Daisy, Physical Activity

MOORE, Jennifer, Human Development and Political Science

MOORE, Robert, English

MORALES, Endira (Abbey), Communications

MORTENSEN, John, Machine Tool

MURPHREE, Sharon, Anthropology

NEELS, Mark, History

NELSON, August, Education

NELSON, Marty, Psychology

NELSON, Stanley, Machine Tool

NITSCHKE, Erin, Health Education

O’DRISCOLL, Cherell, Phlebotomy

OKYERE-BOATEN, Anthony, Decision Science

PADILLA, Deseriee, Nursing (CNA)

PARKS, Mary, Health Education, EMS

PARSONS, Prakai, Physical Activity

PATTERSON, Craig, Biology

PEREZ, Benjamin, Computer Science

POLLASTRO, Cammie, Human Development

RABENS, Julie, Music

RAY, Katlin, Health Education

REDENTE, Gary, Criminal Justice

REMBACZ, Mark, Outdoor Education, Physical Activity

REYNOLDS, Sarah, Nursing

RHONE, Jaylyn, Mathematics

ROBERTSON, Rose, Political Science

ROBISON, Robin, Physical Activity

ROGERS, April, Nursing

SCHELL, Jodi, Psychology

SCHULER, Brett, Engineering Science

SCHUTTEN, Michelle, Developmental Studies

SMITH, Barbara, English

SOTO, Ruth Fredann, Varsity Athletics

SOZA, Steven, Varsity Athletics

STEPHENS, Beth, Nursing

STUART, Sheenia, Kinesiology

SWANN, Sarah, Nursing

SWEET, Lu, Varsity Athletics

THATCHER, Angela, Sociology

URLACHER, Eric, Physical Activity

WARDELL, Stephen, Art

WATTS, Brooke, Health Education

WEAVER, Paul, Sociology

WISE, Emily, Physical Activity

WORDEN, Corey, Phlebotomy

YEATES, Richard, Theatre


Advisory Councils

For a current listing of company representatives to Advisory Boards contact Student Learning.

Automotive/Alternative Fuels

Aaron Locker, Green River High School
Angie Hutchinson, WYDOT
Bode Wilde, First Choice Ford
Curt Legerski, Whisler Chevrolet

David Chapman, WYDOT
George Czapskie, Rock Springs High School
Jason Parker, Rock Springs Honda Toyota
Jesse Coombs, Whisler Chevrolet

Kolby Asay, Whisler Chevrolet

Kristine Kimsey, Fremont Motors

Business Information Systems

Leslie Taylor, Clinic Operations Director

Candy Bedard, SWCSD#1

Kara Beech, Beech Consulting

Vickie Bostick, Tegeler Insurance

Kelley Brown, SWCSD#1

Amy Burkett, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Amber Fisk, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Libby Garcia, US Bank

Jen Gaviotis, SWCSD #1

Cindy Lane, Sweetwater County Clerk

Kayla McDonald, Wyoming SEDC

Brandi Moore, Moore Technology

Sheila Simpson, Ciner

Beep Stanton, Tesoro

Kelly Sugihara, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Deb Sutten, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Kristen Ryan, Department of Workforce Services

Nancy Vonberg, Williams Field Services

Stephen Wright, SWCSD #1

Wanda Maloney, SWCSD #1

Kerry Osborne, Greene’s

Linda Orchard, State of Wyoming, Department of Workforce Services

Sudy Erbes, State of Wyoming, Department of Workforce Services

Elaina Zempel, WBC

Rick Lee, Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce

Denise Staley, Taco Time

Annie Fletcher, SWCSD #1
Kay Cooley, Western Wyoming Community College OIS Alumni
Melinda Searle, Manpower

Business Management

Rocky Mountain Power

City of Green River

Tata Chemicals

Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce

Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition



Black Butte Coal

Mountain States Pressure


Rock Springs Airport

Wyoming SBDC

Dominion Energy

Genesis Alkali

Cummins Rocky Mountain

Greene’s Energy Services

Sweetwater NOW

Redi Services



Taco Time

Workforce Services

U.S. Bank

Climb Wyoming

Career & Technical Education

Robert Byers, Pacificorp

Steven Kourbelas, City Fire Inspector

Linda Orchard, State of Wyoming, Workforce Services

John Owens, Ciner

Kristen Ryan, State of Wyoming, Workforce Services

Beep Stanton, Tesoro

Computer Science

Bridger Coal
Bureau of Land Management
City of Rock Springs
Elwood Staffing
LR Computer Services
Mountain States Pressure Service, Inc.
Peterbilt of Wyoming


Sweetwater Technologies
Union Wireless

Wyoming Workforce Services

Criminal Justice

Judy Roderick, SWC Emergency Management

John Grossnickle, Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office

Matthew Whatron, Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office

Joe Tomich, Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office

Ashlee Zucker, Carbon County

Richard Fischer, Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office

Kenneth Lorimer, Rock Springs Police Department

Jim Wamsley, Rock Springs Police Department

Diesel Technology

Cory Ackerman, Kenworth Sales

Jay Crofts, Peterbilt of Wyoming

Mike Culver, Peterbilt of Wyoming

Randy Foster, Pacificorp

Mike Johnson, Tri-State Truck And Equipment
Heath Lowinske, Jack’s Truck and Equipment
Dallas Latham, Wyoming Machinery Co.
Erich Eslick, Sunrock

Billy Wells, Cummins Rocky Mountain

Electrical & Instrumentation

Bridger Coal
Church & Dwight
Ciner Wyoming

Dominion Energy
Simplot Phosphates
Solvay Chemicals
Tata Chemicals

Genesis Alkali

Emergency Medical Services

Dr. Larry Lauridsen, MHSC Family/Occupational Medicine

Dr Jacob Johnson, MHSC Family/Occupational Medicine

Steven Kourbelas, Sweetwater Medics

Ronald Gatti, Sweetwater Medics

Bill Kluck, Sublette County EMS

Scott Kitchner, Sweetwater County Ambulance Board

Jim Wamsely, RSFD

JoAnn Dayton, Public

Jessica Van Valkenburg, MHSC

Carol Mackie, MHSC

Jon Said, AMMC, Red Desert Clinic

Jonathon Gunyan, Bridger Coal

Charles Beard, Tata Chemicals

Dr. Phil Najm, Medical Director

Bruce Metz, RSHS - Health Academy

John Cundall, RSHS - Fire, Law and Leadership Academy

Exercise Science

Amanda Larson, Alliance Physical Therapy

Floyd Huxford, Huxford Chiropractic Clinic

Jeff Alcorn, Rocky Mountain Sports and Physical Therapy

Lamar Fox, Huxford Chiropractic Clinic

Shelby Vasa, Soul Growth

Industrial Maintenance & Welding

Raymond Anderson, Hager Industries

Warren Anderson, Praxair

Rog Borycki, Genesis

Jeffrey Boyd, Pacificorp

Chad Brady, Simplot

Robert Calderone, Ciner

Harvey Dalton, Rock Springs High School

Joshua Dean, Solvay

Clint Eddy, Airgas

Sherry Frolic, Solvay

Kim Genereux, Tata

Joe Gutierrez, Solvay

Rod Hensley, Rocky Mountain Power

Scott Hobbs, Pacificorp

Scott Lee, Simplot

Jonathan Lewis, Simplot

John Lewis, Rocky Mountain Air

Ryan Meduna, Solvay

John Mortensen, Pacificorp

Percy Mounteer, Tata

Joel Olson, Solvay

John Owens, Ciner

Ray Petty, Church & Dwight

Dave Preece, Tata

Brad Profoizer, Rock Springs Jr. High

Kelly Rasmussen, Simplot

Stan Rose, Church & Dwight

Brandon Sabey, Solvay

Brent Sadler, Rock Springs Fr. High

Mike Shutran, Ciner

Shane Sulser, Simplot

Rick Tarufelli, Genesis

Rick Tripp, Pacificorp

Grant Trombley, Hager

Jim Wagner, Solvay

Tom Wilson, Sweetwater School District #2

Ritchie Antila, Simplot

Natural Gas Compression Technology

Kurt Surbeck, Oxy
Michelle Price, Exterran
Steve Seitz, Ignition Systems
Mark Worrell, Gas Drive
Mike Shuley Hoerbiger Services Inc.
Dan Nichols, Dominion Energy
David Mares, Dominion Energy
T.C. Garcia, Williams
Matt Walton, Williams
Brad Long, Wyoming Machinery
James Bair, Kinder Morgan

Heather Burke, Tetra Tech

Thomas Fryer, Dominion Energy

Cordon Johnson, CSI Compress Co.

Rory Lester, Archrock

Greg Munoz, Dominion Energy

Randy Silvers, Archrock

R.L. Stadler, DCP Midstream

Pete Torres, Williams


Sofya Kolesnikova, Best Home Health and Hospice

Rhiannon Sturlaugson, Castle Rock Medical Center

Melissa Marroquin, Cowboy Cares Ince.

Karen Jenkins, Deer Trail Assisted Living

Nicole Mandros, Hospice of Sweetwater County

Melissa Anderson, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Robin Jenkins, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Kristy Nielson, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Deseree Padilla, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Sara Barenz, Mission at Castle Rock

Kristina Swett, Rocky Mountain Home Care

Kim Lionberger, Sweetwater Community Nursing Service

Cristy Pelham, Sweetwater County Child Development Center

Jason Love, Sweetwater County Detention Center

Wes Turner, Sweetwater County Detention Center

Kim Keslar, Sweetwater County School District #1

Michelle Cordova, Sweetwater County School District #2

Steve Kourbelas, Sweetwater Medics

Jessica Robidoux, Sweetwater Surgery Center

Amanda Stearns, Western Wyoming Family Health

Amanda Brown, Carbon County Public Health

Nancy Sanders, Carbon County School District #1

Amber Waldron, Carbon County Detention Center

Valerie Lascano, Head Start

Phil Reints, Memorial Hospital of Carbon County

Kathleen Phillips, Premium Health at Home

Janessa Mann, Rawlins Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

Ewa Podlacha, Wyoming State Penitentiary

Stephanie Ponisch, Saratoga Care Center

Dave Throgmorton, Carbon County Higher Education Center

Cyndi Kenison, Best Home Health

Michelle Smith, Premier Surgery Center

Kim Profitt, Public Health - Uinta County

Marisha VanVleet, Rocky Mountain Care

DeeAnn Talley, Wyoming State Hospital

Heidi Currutt, Uinta BOCES

Traci Dodsworth, Uinta BOCES

Kendra West, Evanston Child Development Center

Cheri Willard, CNO, Evanston Regional Hospital

Lynn Rogers, Public Health - Lincoln County

Tammy Drell, South Lincoln Medical Center

Jesse Wilcox, South Lincoln Medical Center

Bridget Stewart, Oyster Ridge BOCES - Kemmerer Outreach

Oil & Gas - Electrical

Exxon Mobil
Williams Field Service

Dominion Energy


Prime time Production

Oil & Gas Production Technology

Exxon Mobil
Williams Field Service

Dominion Energy


Prime time Production