Mar 31, 2023  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, A.A.

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Psychology is a dynamic discipline that can lead to rewarding careers in mental health services, teaching, counseling, and research. Human behavior is a complex and fascinating discipline and, as an academic topic, can provide the foundation for a variety of majors. The Psychology Associate of Arts degree is intended for students interested in teaching, medicine, law, social work, business, or in human services such as mental health, nursing, child care, and criminal justice. It is also designed for transfer to university programs in psychology. The concepts students will learn encourage critical thinking, as well as the ability to integrate psychological principles and applications. The skills they will develop will exemplify the process of inquiry through the research process and help them to stay current with trends in the field, as well as convey respect for human unity and diversity. A student who obtains an Associates degree in Psychology might work as a psychiatric nursing assistant or orderly, youth counselor, case technician, human service assistant, home care aide, or addiction rehabilitation assistant. Students intending to work in the psychology field will need at least a Bachelor’s degree. There are careers in psychology available in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, and nationwide.

Degree Requirements

Freshman Year - Fall Semester

Subtotal: 16

Freshman Year - Fall Semester Notes:

Freshman Year - Spring Semester

Subtotal: 16

Freshman Year - Spring Semester Notes:

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

Subtotal: 17

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester Notes:

  • Elective courses must be 1000 level or higher.

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

Subtotal: 16

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester Notes:

Subtotal: 65

Total Credit Hours: 65

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